Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red

Grape varieties:

Grenache noir
Black terret

The harvest is manual with sorting of the grapes, harvested at a very advanced technological maturity to obtain very ripe aromas.
We practice "Fulling": this intervention consists in bursting the grapes in order to release the pulp and the juice.
Then put in concrete vats after 100% de-stemming.
Fermentations last on average 15 to 31 days. Reassembly daily shedding and punching down with permanent temperature control.
Alcoholic fermentation is a very important phase in the production of wine.
The run-off occurs, then the pressing, these steps consist in passing the bunches of grapes through the press in order to take them out of the vat and to remove all of the juice.
We then put the wine to age in oak barrels, in tuns, in concrete vats and in stainless steel vats for a minimum period of 18 months.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape White

Grape varieties:

Grenache blanc

We practice the harvest as for red, by hand. We only harvest white grape varieties.
The bunches are crushed in the bucket but unlike the red, the pressing is direct, because the must does not ferment in the presence of the stalk and the skins.
Fermentation is slow.
The temperature of the must must be maintained with a refrigeration unit at 18 ° degrees. This preserves the finesse of the aromas and good intensity.
The “settling” of the must consists in ridding the must of impurities. We therefore extract the juice by taking only the clear.
As with red, fermentation transforms must into wine.
For a smooth fermentation, we constantly monitor the density and temperature of the wine.

With us, the legend of wine remains an everyday reality.
During each manual harvest, concern for the best is our priority. Oak barrels and tuns are always in the spotlight, it is not a question of blind respect for tradition but of the taste and the unique sensations it provokes: indeed, our wines reveal their aromas, taste and taste. texture, their rich and complex dimension.
This is why, with us, wood aging remains essential.
Our range of wines is the result of high quality standards both in the vineyard and in the cellar. A tribute to our roots, centuries go by, traditions remain, an unchanging respect for the talent and the perseverance of our ancestors who created the wines of excellence.
Our family continues today this love of the vine and wine by bringing a touch of modernity. The optimum quality of our wines is the absolute priority of our property.


Grapes varities


The Black Terret : Freshness and bouquet.

The Terret Noir wine, light to the eye and to the nose with a floral scent, asserts a rustic structure on the palate.

Plum / Redcurrant




The Vaccarese : Flower and elegance.

Undeniable floral originality, very fresh flavor.



The Muscardin : Floral bouquet.

Brings a floral bouquet and an astonishing freshness to the wine.

Allows to make a wine very rich in aromas.



The Counoise : The spicy originality.

The grape variety provides Châteauneuf-du-Pape with an ideal terroir to express itself, it brings spicy flavors to the blend: Walnut / Nutmeg / Green pepper / Blackcurrant


The Cinsault : Aroma and balance.

Brings to the wine an originality of aromas of dried fruits and sweet flowers: Hazelnut / Almond / Rose

Cinsault is an element of balance between all the other grape varieties, it is of great value in red wines for laying down.



The Mourvedre : Well-structured and complexity.

The red wines show a bouquet of vegetal nature of the aromas: Black olives / Blackberry / Blackcurrant / Strawberry

Over time, this bouquet is enriched with wild scents: Black fruits / Leather

Mourvèdre is very resistant to oxidation, this quality is very appreciable in red wines.



The Syrah : Color and aroma.

The aromatic complex of Syrah is dominated by berry flavors such as: Blackcurrant / Raspberry / Blueberry / Violet / Leather / Truffle

Syrah brings a lot of color and tannins to the wine.



The Black Grenache : King of Châteauneuf du Pape.

Intense qualitative net aromatic potential, the constituents are reminiscent of very ripe fruits: Blackcurrant / Cherry / Strawberry / Prunes / Kirsch / Liquorice.

It gives our Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines an often persistent creamy sensation with a very appreciable aroma potential.



The Picardan : Finesse and sweetness.

Picardan produces fine, very sweet and slightly musky wines which makes it very pleasant.



The Picpoul : Richness to the bouquet.

It is a variety with a rich bouquet, made of very original floral and fruity scents, sometimes with a hint of iodine.

Gives an elegant wine, not very tonic and fine.

White peach / Pineapple / Floral bouquet




The Roussanne : The great aromas.

Even in small proportions, it gives the other white grape varieties great elegance and an aromatic supplement, roundness and fat.

Leaf goat / Narcissus / Green coffee / Violet / Apricot / Apple / Acacia / White flowers / Honey / Spices



The Bourboulenc : Acidity.

Very old grape varieties, it complements the other white grape varieties, with a touch of liveliness and freshness, an unusual acidity in hot regions, slightly floral aromas.



The White Grenache : Fullness and lenght.

Grenache blanc is like its brother Grenache Noir, powerful and a little acidic. With a bouquet often made of perfumes of: Narcissus / Troëne flowers / Anise / Fennel

It gives fairly full-bodied wines, not very acidic, round and long in the mouth.



The Clairette : Flower and freshness.

It is one of the oldest grape varieties in the South.

Gives the wine freshness with a little acidity.

We note aromas of: Apple / Apricot / Grapefruit / Tropical fruits / Fennel / Linden

Provides smooth wines with complex aromas