Antoine Pécoul, the Founder

In 1855 at the head of the Domaine, Mr. Pécoul Antoine and his wife Sophie, were the creators of the estate.
At the time, the activity was limited to family needs, the sale in bottles was not yet practiced.
They bought 5 hectares in total, located near the castle of the Popes on the hillside.

François Pécoul, the enlarger

In 1920, their son, François Pécoul and his wife Marie, continued to cultivate their vines. They began to plant new grape varieties in order to expand the vineyard.
(The A.O.C Châteauneuf-du-Pape dates from November 21, 1933 and the demarcation of the appellation dates from May 15, 1936).

Louis and René Pécoul, conscientious brothers

In 1950, their sons Louis and René Pécoul and their daughter Simone Pécoul took over the business.
Thanks to them the domain has grown because they have invested a lot in their work. Little by little, they were able to buy plots of vines in the four corners of the appellation.
Marketing of the sale in bottles then began in 1960 under the name of “Cuvée des Bosquets”.
This wine heritage has been preserved over the generations with the greatest attention in order to offer you wines of character which have made the reputation of the Châteauneuf du Pape appellation.

Frédéric Charvin, the Passionate

It was in 1989, after having worked for a few years in apprenticeship with his great-uncles that Frédéric Charvin, the grandson of Simone Pécoul decided to invest in the fascinating profession of winegrower, it was he who took over the property and who renamed it "Domaine de Pignan"
And it is now with the help of their two daughters Coralie and Floriane, who have been working there for a few years, that the Charvin Family sees the future in their vines lasting.